Dropnaz creates and designs fancy looking Hawaii shirts and beach wear for military grunts, liqueur lovers, party hard knock out dudes, beach girls and pool bar heroes.

Aloha Beach Assaulters! If it’s time for another deployment in the sandbox with no fu@#!?g ocean close by or  just a hard drinking knock out at the pool bar in your neighbors garden. No worries Mate! Dropnaz got your six! With our fashion styled fancy clothes you will always feel like sitting on a Caribbean island with a cold drink in your hand. Even if sh#t hits the fan, doesn’t matter, you stay calm in your happy place.

Now you thinking why did Dropnaz know what’s good for me and my mindset when I am in a high risk area? The answer comes quicker than a punch in your face during your next bar fight. Dropnaz is a Combat Veteran owned Label. All ideas and designs are made by dirty, sweaty, nasty little infantry grunts and private security contractors. Thanks to our years of during deployments in $hi%%y environments around the globe we know exactly two things: 1. how we can give you a good looking outfit. And 2. How we can give your mother a good feeling wehen you’re away from home.

So, like we said on top, no worries mate, Dropnaz got your six;)!

Yes we know our textiles are made in china, that’s because the service is great and we are fu@#ed up warriors who spend most of our money on beer, bullets, bourbon, booze, bike’s, bar’s  and bit@§es! 

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Best regards and stay awesome,


Da Dropnaz Crew!!!